Links to other cool Nirvana pages

Smiley's Nirvana Homepage: A real wicked site: has pictures, tabs, lyrics, a chat room and tons more stuff
The New Bambi Slaughter's Nirvana Page: Has movies, tabs, pics, sounds, etc
Alexander Olkovoy's NIRVANA page: A cool page with pics, wads, midi's, mod's, s3m's, lyrics, suicide stuff and Tom Grant's investigation report
Lithium: Lyrics, pics, bootlegs, audio and some other text files.
Yahoo's Nirvana Directory: (they're THAT good they've even got their only directory
The Nirvana web archive:
Stay Away: A Nirvana Website: "A new original site with many original stuff like a members section, some games, and many more things!"
Just My Luck: A Nirvana Homepage: Everything to do with Nirvana including links, pictures, tour dates, timeline, lyrics and much more....
Anorexorist: A Nirvana website with 120+ hard to find pictures. Also has rare sounds and videos and tons of links.
Kurt Cobain: Our God of Grunge: A Tribute to Kurt Cobain

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