The Characters

Gerry is the club administrator and in his mid-thirties.
In the play he mostly tries to keep everyone calm.
"Calm down, we're just on the point of getting this resolved Jock"

Ted is the club president in his early thirties. He is small, pudgy and nervous. He is opposed to the strike and is threatened by Danny after insulting him.
"He comes barging in here uninvited, threatening strikes and calling me a drunk.
It's about time someone brought him to his senses. He only got twelve kicks last week. I saw the statistics."

Jock is the ex-president and the holder of the clubs's longest player record.
He is in his late sixties and infuriated after hearing about the strike and
says how things weren't like that in his days.
"I played two hundred and eighty two games for this club and every time
I ran onto the ground I felt as honored to be out there wearing the club
colours as I did the first time."

Danny is the team captain and champion. He threatened the strike if Laurie,
the team coach was fired.

Laurie is the team coach. He is tall, well built and in his mid-forties. He treatens Ted after Ted insults Danny. He is well respected by the team and captain.